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We have a winner in $100 Eva Thorne series Giveaway!

Congrats to Jamie! Please share your success with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and tell them about the books. Be on the lookout for an email with more details. And to everyone else who entered, don’t worry. If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll get a consolation prize! a Rafflecopter giveaway Newsletter Subscription Quicklink
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Enigmatic Character Interview – Eva Thorne

Character Name: Eva Thorne Protagonist Age: twenty-something Nickname: I wouldn’t try to give me one if I were you Occupation: femme fatale turned detective Location: Highcrowne, capital of the Three Kingdoms, ruled by elves, dwarves and Avians, and where humans are either refugees or slaves Ethnic background: human, actually Solhan, but most people don’t know the difference,
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From Cringe to Binge – The 100 is worth a second look

I’m SO picky about my entertainment. My life is crazy busy, and like many people, I’ve become a snob, quickly judging a book by its cover or its first line and a TV show by its opening episode. I checked out The 100 on Netflix a while ago and got two episodes in before throwing
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Surprise! You’ll get sucked in by SyFy’s Dark Matter

  As much as I love to read fantasy, I love to watch sci-fi, and was in heaven recently with a binge of WestWorld and The Expanse. Loved them! Then I tried Ascension and hit a wall of utter disappointment. If you prefer sci-fi to melodrama, then I advise you not to go there. Despondent,
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The Psychology of Superheroes

I recently bought a Smart TV, because my son hit the old plasma hard enough it started smoking, but on the upside I discovered Netflix! I’ve binge watched 2 seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and I hunger for more. Not to mention my giddy anticipation of the Defenders, my absorption of all
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99c sale Eva Book 2 and Book 1 free!

In case you or your friends missed previous sales on Book 1, it’ snow FREE until May 2nd. Find it at Amazon. And guess what, this is the first ever sale on book 2! Now 99c in a Kindle Countdown Deal until May 7th. Grab it now, you’ll never regret it later. Can I just brag
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Eva Book 2 Goodreads giveaway now on

Goodreads Book Giveaway A Thorne for a Crown by Lorel Clayton Giveaway ends March 15, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway Thanks for reading! More posts on books, film, and writing can be found on my website at Lorel Clayton Author.

Penny Dreadful, Suckerpunch and the joys of there not being crap on TV now

Is it me or has TV deteriorated even more of late? For a while it was a bastion of creativity exceeding film–Rome, Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels … some great stuff, mostly from the pay channels. Now, Doctor Who isn’t doing it for me, and I can’t watch more than an episode of the latest
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Yay the paperback!

I love the feel of paper (sorry trees, really really sorry), but I want to squee when I hold a printed book, especially mine, which is the most fantastic of all right? If you’d like to get a copy and jump for joy with me (I’m sure you’ll jump) order links are below. ALSO I’M LOOKING
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Eva Thorne Book 2 is out!

The e-book is up on Amazon – hope you enjoy!   I don’t feel it’s really truly out until the paperback is ready, but that should be just a few more weeks. Will update everyone when it’s available.   Thanks so much to all the bloggers who helped with my cover reveal!  Samantha March at
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