“An enjoyable, fantastic read!” Pearl, #1 Best Goodreads Reviewer

“A fantastical twist on mystery, brimming with action-packed adventure and a sense of clever fun. ” – Elizabeth Spann Craig, Mystery Writer

“I picked this up and just could not put down until I finished! …If you like Mystery, Romance, and Fantasy this book has it all!” – Terry’s Book Addiction

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Description: When Eva’s brother is murdered in a city of rude elves and matriarchal dwarves where humans have no rights, she is forced to investigate the crime herself. What she discovers brings her up against a powerful slave-trading cartel, dark gods, and—worst of all—her twin sister. Both her family and the elven authorities want her hushed. She has no money and no magic of her own with which to combat them, but she does have an illegally-freed slave, a senile nanny, and an ex-almost-boyfriend on her side. Even when she nearly loses her job and almost loses her head in a sword fight on the same night, she isn’t deterred. It’s when the nanny goes missing that she really starts to worry.

Tangle of Thornes (Eva Thorne, #1)

A Thorne for a Crown_sm

Kindle E-book available from Amazon US and other countries
Paperback available from Book DepositoryAmazon and other sites as well as your local bookseller

Description: The first real case femme fatale turned private eye, Eva Thorne, has had in months may be more than she can handle. King Rutgard has been kidnapped, only he’s not entirely alive, which makes finding him difficult. What’s more, dwarf men are joining the suffragist movement in droves to win freedom from the matriarchy, and there’s a werewolf terrorist in town causing chaos. Eva needs a case like this to make her reputation, but she has problems of her own. Dark magic is rising in her, the Thorne legacy, and she can’t control it. She has to find a way or risk imprisonment by the jackbooted elf soldiers who are cracking down on illegal necromancy and worship of the Dead God. Worse, the God of Death wants her soul, as does her twin sister, so Eva denies her magic and hides from her family. But some things are impossible to hide from, like the tax collector … and love.

A Thorne for a Crown (Eva Thorne, #2)

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Description: Eva Thorne thought facing a werewolf, betrayal, and the army of Death was bad. She learns there are all new kinds of evil—and more enemies, as well as allies, than she ever imagined. All of them have an agenda, and all of them want the one thing she needs to defeat the Dead God and save her world from annihilation. Can she claim the First Soul before they do?

The bad guys all want her dead. Fortunately, some want the First Soul more, and they need her to get it. They hope it will make them a god. She wants it for her own reasons. It summoned the God of Death, and it can send Him back to the Void before His armies ‘cleanse’ everything she’s ever known from existence. The last strongholds of humanity have fallen. Only the Three Kingdoms of Avian, Dwarf and Elf still stand. Eva is running out of time, because even that alliance is crumbling, and the Elf King, Fharen, is hatching a desperate plan of his own to win the war, one that sacrifices everyone Eva cares about.

Eva doesn’t want to be the femme fatale or Death’s bride, and she may be the worst pet detective ever, but surely, she can find a missing relic? The First Soul is evil, and like attracts like. Gods and monsters have sought it for centuries. She has one advantage – no one does evil quite like a Thorne.

Blood and Thorne (Eva Thorne, #3)

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