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Surprise! You’ll get sucked in by SyFy’s Dark Matter

  As much as I love to read fantasy, I love to watch sci-fi, and was in heaven recently with a binge of WestWorld and The Expanse. Loved them! Then I tried Ascension and hit a wall of utter disappointment. If you prefer sci-fi to melodrama, then I advise you not to go there. Despondent, I went searching for anything to restore my faith in the genre and instead stumbled upon a new passion – SyFy’s Dark Matter! Give it one episode, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. I started out jaded, thinking “oh I’ve seen this character type before, and that one…” but at every turn your expectations are used against you. As soon as it builds up to a plot point you see coming a mile away, the show jigs left...Read More

The Psychology of Superheroes

I recently bought a Smart TV, because my son hit the old plasma hard enough it started smoking, but on the upside I discovered Netflix! I’ve binge watched 2 seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and I hunger for more. Not to mention my giddy anticipation of the Defenders, my absorption of all big screen Avengers, Thor and Captain America flicks … and can I just say ‘Wonder Woman’! How come this hardcore Game of Thrones-reading, Heinlein-quoting, Shakespeare-analyzing intellectual loves superheroes so much? My husband and writing partner has asked me this question many times as I drag him to yet another X-men movie on our limited date nights. I’ve put some thought into—PhD-wielding, intellectual level thought—and here’s my answer. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero!? It’s Freudian wish fulfilment...Read More