Welcome to the world of Eva Thorne.

Leave your comfort zone in the dust and sit back for what #1 Best Goodreads Reviewer,

Pearl, calls “An enjoyable, fantastic read!”


Eva Thorne was born to be a monster, in a country of monsters. Solhans are a whole different category of human. One that most other races tended to hate and with good reason. They glory in cruelty, dark magic, and blood – as long as it isn’t their own. Then Solhans opened a pit of dark magic that brought forth their Dead God. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when He started slaughtering the very Solhans who worshiped him – along with the rest of the world.

Solhans became refugees, fleeing to other countries to escape the very god they were so gleeful to have brought back. Eva’s own family, the rich and massively powerful Thornes, found themselves in the Avian/Elf/Dwarf controlled city of Highcrowne, the most ‘civilized’ place in the known world. Well, except for the fact that humans, like Eva, are pushed into the Outskirts, the dark garbage heaped at the foot of the city on the hill, the slave labor that keeps Highcrowne’s Steampunk society running. Magic and machines, machines and magic. Can either save Eva from becoming one of the monsters?