99c sale Eva Book 2 and Book 1 free!

book 1 and 2

In case you or your friends missed previous sales on Book 1, it’ snow FREE until May 2nd. Find it at Amazon.

And guess what, this is the first ever sale on book 2! Now 99c in a Kindle Countdown Deal until May 7th. Grab it now, you’ll never regret it later.

Can I just brag a bit about some very nice reviews 🙂 Here’ some headlines: “beautiful and enchanting” … “devour-worthy witty writing…” …”there had better be more Eva!”

Ok, I’m pretty proud of this one, and book 3 will be something special too. It’s 63,000 words so far, so only about 37,000 more to go.

What do you think, should I show you more of the Elf Lands? How about vampires (old school)? Let me know what you think.



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