A Dame to Kill For


I know I said I’d be watching “Casablanca” next. I’m so ashamed. But “Sin City: A Dame to Kill” For was out on iTunes, and I said “What the hell. It’s noir.” Sin City is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I won’t say I’m a fan. Overall, I never find them an enjoyable experience, but I do love the black and white style interspersed with vivid colors used to lend a character a bit of…well ‘character’ is the word. I also like an over the top protagonist or villain now and then. The characters are all over the top in Sin City, which is why the whole suffers, but a few quirky or truly hate-worthy evil characters are great to liven up a story. The gem I found in this particular installment was the “Dame” from the title. “Now that’s a femme fatale,” I said when I was watching Eva Green. So manipulative, so able to twist men around her pinky finger, and so totally insane you have to love her. I especially loved her poor aim with a gun. Every “goddess” needs a flaw.

The “Eva” in my Eva Thorne mysteries is nothing like this dame, but I kept thinking “Ilsa now…”. Eva’s evil twin sister could borrow a few foibles from Ms. Green’s character. I’ve got to use that gun thing, or the equivalent in a fantasy/mystery setting, which is probably poor aim with a crossbow. On to writing Eva Thorne book 2 now. This is going to get fun…


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