Lorel Clayton

Lorel and Clayton were teen sweethearts, both born and raised in the Western United States, experiencing everything from the potato fields of Idaho to the alkali flats of Nevada and the fishing boats of Oregon. Clayton has severe dyslexia, but from the moment Lorel read ‘Magician’ aloud to him at age thirteen, they began to share magical worlds and dream of writing novels together one day. Hundreds of books later, and a wedding as well, those shared hours of reading and discussing and laughing, as they embellished their favorite stories, culminated in the completion of their first manuscript in 1996. It wasn’t very good, and it took many more years and manuscripts until the Eva Thorne series was born.

In the meantime, they traveled to Australia in 1997 and never left, finding the sunshine and beaches of “Oz” too irresistible. Lorel tackled a PhD in molecular biology and did cancer research for 15 years before turning to a career in science communication and copywriting. Clayton, still unable to read, learned to deal with his disability and earned a Master’s Degree in Visual Art. He prefers Expressionist painting in acrylics but has recently tackled digital painting, mostly because there’s a hyperactive six-year-old boy running around the house (their gorgeous son who is unique and funny and ‘on the spectrum’ as too many kids are these days).

Despite being married for twenty-eight years, they are still madly in love and still writing. As writing partners, they meld logic and creativity, as well as genres. Fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, horror, steampunk, thriller, romance, and the classics—they read them all, and if they can mix them they will. A love of books and writing is their shared passion, and no matter what challenges and amazing experiences life brings, they will face them with a novel in one hand and a keyboard in the other. Look out for more Eva books, not to mention fantasy and science fiction on the horizon.

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