Another 1941 Masterpiece

Maltese Falcon

I re-watched The Maltese Falcon and realized I hadn’t remembered a thing form the first time I saw it thirty years ago. My memory is slipping. At least it was like getting to watch it new!

I loved the detective, Sam Spade, played by Humphrey Bogart. He was always surprising me. I couldn’t be in his head as you’d be in a novel, a I kept wondering just how low could this guy go? He robbed his femme fatale client blind, extorted more money from the bad guy she was hiding from… and then put them in a room together!

The femme fatale was great too. At first, she seemed like a non-entity to this 21st Century gal, but then the extent of her unending and compulsive lying became clear, and I gradually came to see how interesting she was. Plus she was tough. The whiny henchman for the bad guy regretted being left alone in a room with her for two minutes, I can tell you. I think she shed more blood in the movie than anyone.

What most impressed me about The Maltese Falcon was the ending. Sam stayed focused on what mattered–his partner’s murder–and he turned out to be even more complex (or not, depending on whatever assumptions you might have made about him) than expected.

Next in my film noir nostalgia tour… Casablanca!


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Don’t forget the author! The Maltese Falcon is based on the same-titled book by former PI Dashiell Hammett


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