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Thanks to CLP Blog Tours I had a great tour in April, meeting some new bloggers worth following and getting some great reviews for Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks everyone!


5 Star Review from Terry’s Book Addiction

Terry’s review of Tangle of Thornes: An Eva Thorne Novel

I was sent a copy of this fantastic book (hard copy), my favorite! This book was seriously a treat to read! It is one that I picked up and just could not put down until I finished! Literally!Eva Thorne the main character is not only a likable character, but so very easy to relate too! She finds herself in so many unusual and precarious positions that you can’t help but wonder if the girl was born for trouble. Not to mention she seems to have a knack for attracting not only unusual men in her life (some droll worthy I will admit!) but also unusual characters. I felt by the end of the story that she could have a gang of loyal followers with the way she attracted them to her.I am such a fan of stories with in the fantasy genre, and like the author I would not link this book with just one genre as it certainly crosses several. However the fantasy side of it is by far my favorite. I love that Eva fights her abilities, her powers. She seems intent on being a unique individual regardless of them and her family relations.I do not like to give spoilers in my reviews and won’t in this one. However I will say if you have not read Tangle of Thornes yet you are missing out! Seriously! If you like Mystery, Romance, and Fantasy this book has it all! I am looking forward to reading more in this series!

Paranormal Romance Authors that RockReview

Eva wanted nothing more than to find her brothers killer and get revenge for his death, and she’ll do whatever it takes to figure things out. She’s not a detective but she’ll follow whatever clues she can find even when it leads her to places she was afraid to go. She finds herself in the company of a slave who she bought from auction then illegaly release her magical bond, a senile nanny who confuses her for her evil twin sister and a love triangle of three men fighting for her love, or are they…. Will she figure out who killed her brother? Does she fall into the family’s fate/curse of evil? Read it!

I absolutely loved this book. Great mix or paranormal/mystery/ romance. The plot was well written and the scenes very depictive. I love the scene of Eva walking into the bookstore in shambles. It made it seem like nothing she was doing was right and she couldn’t even keep the bookstore together. The scenes with Nanny and the ex slave are great and made me giggle.


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Keeping in mind my belief to keep spoilers out of my reviews, you will find I have to say the following about this book…

Tangle of Thornes is an interesting view into the fantasy world created by Lorel Clayton. At first glance we met our brave, and somewhat bold heroine with lots to prove and little to lose. She’s on a mission to search for answers, but somewhere along the way problems arise and she finds herself the target of unwanted attention.
I’ve never entered a world where there was so much diversity between the elves, humans, and other magical creatures. This, for me, made me want to continue reading because I found it to be a great new take on things. Especially when it came to mixing two things like magical interference and machinery.
Great spin. Nice read. Well thought out ending. What more can I say without giving too much away?
If you like fantasy with a few magical twists, pick a copy of this book.

Wendy Garfinkle Pen and Keys – 4 Star Review

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Book Junky Girls – 4 Star Review


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