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Antagonists as Heroes

I’m not fond of anti-heroes, but I do like a well-rounded character rather than a cardboard cutout. This applies to antagonists as much as protagonists (who wants boring), but can an antagonist be a hero? An Antagonist, by definition, acts in opposition to the Protagonist of a story. Usually we call the protagonist the hero and the antagonist the villain, but really it’s a matter of perspective. I truly believe every villain thinks he’s the hero of his own story. So, I write my villains with that in mind. They need to have their own goals and motivations and be as pissed off about the ‘hero’ thwarting their plans as the hero is about the villain’s dastardly deeds. But I think as moral readers, we can tell the difference between the good guys...Read More

The Psychology of Superheroes

I recently bought a Smart TV, because my son hit the old plasma hard enough it started smoking, but on the upside I discovered Netflix! I’ve binge watched 2 seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and I hunger for more. Not to mention my giddy anticipation of the Defenders, my absorption of all big screen Avengers, Thor and Captain America flicks … and can I just say ‘Wonder Woman’! How come this hardcore Game of Thrones-reading, Heinlein-quoting, Shakespeare-analyzing intellectual loves superheroes so much? My husband and writing partner has asked me this question many times as I drag him to yet another X-men movie on our limited date nights. I’ve put some thought into—PhD-wielding, intellectual level thought—and here’s my answer. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero!? It’s Freudian wish fulfilment...Read More

Penny Dreadful, Suckerpunch and the joys of there not being crap on TV now

Is it me or has TV deteriorated even more of late? For a while it was a bastion of creativity exceeding film--Rome, Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels ... some great stuff, mostly from the pay channels. Now, Doctor Who isn't doing it for me, and I can't watch more than an episode of the latest Supernatural, Falling Skies or Continuum or whatever without going *meh*. I've been re-watching my DVDs instead and catching up on series I missed. Here's two of my great finds. Penny Dreadful I liked season 1 enough to tune back in, but season 2 is where it comes into its stride. I had a whole season to catch up on, and there's nothing better than having a marathon of a good show. Vanessa Ives was always my favorite character...Read More

Why I don’t write what I know

I just had my first radio interview, and although I spend 4 sleepless hours a night writing my novels because it's the only time I have for that passion, I didn't dream once of pitching my book during the interview. I'd say it's because I like to keep my work and personal life separate, but the interview got a bit personal talking about my son, who has autism, and about the reasons I gave up science (another passion of mine) for marketing, which isn't a passion so much as a necessary evil for the greater good. If you're interested, you can hear the interview here Kinderling Radio. So why didn't I slip in that I'm also an Author? Why don't I  give away bookmarks at the grocery store and read my book obviously in...Read More

Writing Purgatory

  The first half of Eva Thorne Book 2 was a breeze, the pages and chapters flowing by. Now, 2/3 through and I keep getting distracted by playing Sims or baking bread. I still love the plot and know exactly what to do next, but I feel something is missing, a sub-plot that needs to be there. I've decided I need to fully flesh out book 3 and have that sub-plot feed into it. But now I have to back track. Plus a pivotal character isn't quite right yet. I need to do some character building exercises, even some combining I think. The honeymoon is over and I'm entering editing purgatory already!  

Versatile Blogger

Thanks so much to JeriWB for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award! I always need a kick in the butt to write a blog post, so here goes. I'll tell you ten interesting facts about myself and then pass this on to 10 interesting bloggers. #1 - I live in Sydney Australia! Ok, that's not very interesting to other people who live in Sydney, but I came here from America almost 18 years ago so I'm a long way from home. Here's a picture of me with the city in the background from when I walk/jogged in the 14 km "City to Surf" years ago. As I stopped for a photo, you can tell I wasn't trying to make good time.   #2 - My marketing job can sometimes be fun. Just last...Read More

Genre-Blending: Is It Safe?

[featimage align="center"] I've sub-titled my website "Genre Blending Fun" because I'm not afraid to embrace my indecision. I mean my complexity as a person. I understand the marketing appeal of a genre. It's easy to know your target audience and their expectations--and meet them. But what if your audience is like me and wants the unexpected? I am a complex person whose interests range from sci-fi and fantasy to mystery, horror, thrillers, paranormal romance and more. I even like to read the classics. Dickens anyone? Plato? I know too much genre-blending would make anyone motion sick, but how much can you take before you need to get off the ride? Once upon a time the paranormal romance genre didn't exist. Harlequin format was the standard. That has changed in a big way. Who...Read More

Vampires, Werewolves and the Bandwagon

With a certain werewolf/vampire movie coming out this week, based on an incredibly successful book series, you really have to wonder why is it so popular? It's not a new phenomenon. Werewolf and, especially, vampire stories are resurrected (couldn't help myself) every few years. Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Interview with the Vampire, Underworld... So, why won't they die? (sorry, couldn't help myself again) I've loved monster movies and creepy stories since I was a child. I particularly remember reading a ghost story where a man fell in love with a mysterious woman who wore a red velvet ribbon around her neck. She would never answer his questions about it and made him swear not to touch it. Overwhelmed with curiosity one night, he removed the ribbon while she was sleeping--and her head fell...Read More

Nature of Imagination

We are so fond of being out among nature, because it has no opinions about us. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) There's nothing more inspiring than nature. Ask Frost, Walden, Thoreau... even Nietzsche (who I otherwise abhor). Whenever I need to recharge, I take a walk in the twelve acre park right across the street from where I live. There's a million breathtaking sights every day, whether it's a field of crows hunting insects in the green grass at dawn or a sky full of fruit bats soaring across an orange sunset. As a writer, or maybe because I'm an imaginative person, I tend to anthropomorphize. Give me a teddy bear and I automatically assign him a personality (a beanie bear I got for my anniversary inspired a series of picture books for my...Read More