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OzComicCon Sydney

UPDATE What a great ComicCon! So many amazing outfits, and a huge thank you to everyone who bought books. I was amazed to see the breakdown was almost half and half men and women, but the best feedback I had was from a lovely girl who read the novella one night and came back the next day to buy the whole series. Seeing how much her eyes glowed was the best experience of all. Shout out to you Meaghan!   ***** I was so thrilled to be accepted into the OzComiCon Artist Alley (makes me think of Diagon Alley)! If you're in Sydney on Sat, Sep 30th or Sun, Oct 1st and want to meet Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo), Jenna Coleman from Dr Who, or just about the entire cast of Grim......Read More

99c sale Eva Book 2 and Book 1 free!

In case you or your friends missed previous sales on Book 1, it' snow FREE until May 2nd. Find it at Amazon. And guess what, this is the first ever sale on book 2! Now 99c in a Kindle Countdown Deal until May 7th. Grab it now, you'll never regret it later. Can I just brag a bit about some very nice reviews :) Here' some headlines: "beautiful and enchanting" ... "devour-worthy witty writing..." ..."there had better be more Eva!" Ok, I'm pretty proud of this one, and book 3 will be something special too. It's 63,000 words so far, so only about 37,000 more to go. What do you think, should I show you more of the Elf Lands? How about vampires (old school)? Let me know what you think.    

Eva Thorne Book 2 is out!

[fblike][tweet] The e-book is up on Amazon - hope you enjoy!   I don't feel it's really truly out until the paperback is ready, but that should be just a few more weeks. Will update everyone when it's available.   Thanks so much to all the bloggers who helped with my cover reveal!  Samantha March at CLP Blog Tours (special thanks for organizing!) and: Book Lover In Florida Book Babble Mallory Heart's Cozies Brooke Blogs Whispering Stories Around the World in Books One Book At a Time I Love My Authors Chick Lit Plus Nerdy Dirty & Flirty    

What I’m Thankful for…

This has been a tough year. I hope that explains why this post is several days late, and why there have been few posts in months, but I'm a writer so I should be a bit more specific. It was just over a year ago my son was diagnosed with autism. ASD to be specific: He's "on the spectrum" as they say.He is gorgeous and looks at you with the most beautiful big hazel eyes, but he's 3 1/2 and and tends to temper tantrum rather than talk. He's brilliantly able to do his alphabet, shapes, numbers and colors, but he does them over and over again in obsessed loops of activity that are hard to break. It started with wheels. Watching them spin round and round and never noticing the people or...Read More

Zombification of America

Ok, I'm heading off from Aspiring Author Land here and heading into 'manifesto' territory, but I hope that doesn't forever label me as radical, eccentric, rabble-rouser...what have you. The fact is work and motherhood have temporarily curtailed by authoring time but given me far too much contemplative time (usually while pushing a toddler on a swing for hours on end) to worry about my son's future, the future of his parent's nation and the future of the world in general. And, of course, to contemplate zombies.I have the benefit of distance, having lived in Australia now for 17 years, to see America as an outsider. Why I still love the motherland to the core of my being, from deserts and fir forests to new England autumn, from the Revolutionary War to the Second...Read More

The first page of a great book

I had a spare thirty minutes the other day (very rare for me!) and decided to step into my local Dymock's booksellers. I'm embarrassed to admit it's been a while. I tend to download e-books these days as I barely have time to read, except while waiting for an appointment or riding the train, and certainly don't have time to shop. I missed the feel of real pages! I decided to have fun and read the first page of every bestseller--see if I could learn something.None of them did it for me. I didn't turn to the next page on a single one. Was I just in a tough to please mood or what? Maybe it's because none were in my favorite genres of sci fi and fantasy.I headed to that section, which...Read More

Never Say Never

The universe loves to play practical jokes on me. At least I know it's listening!Example 1: All through university, while I was studying the hard sciences of biology, chemistry and physics, I would make comments like "Communications? Who would ever get a degree in communications? That's not a real subject."What am I doing now? Communications, of course.[This phenomenon is not limited to me. You know what my husband used to make fun of when he was a landscaper? Basket-weaving. And you know what his favorite course was went he went to art school a few years later? Uh, huh. You guessed it.]Example 2: On this very blog, I have stated how much I hate short stories. This is not meant to offend those who write short stories. It is merely a reflection of...Read More

A touch of darkness

Blogging again? I know. Two years and now bam! You can tell I'm twiddling my thumbs while querying and completely unable to work on my next manuscript because my whole future is in limbo...but that's another issue.One useful thing I've done is a survey all of the story ideas and half-completed or full draft manuscripts lying around on my hard drive. There's some awful stuff--and some really great stuff! I'm NOT telling you my blockbuster action movie idea because in Hollywood it's all about the concept, but I am so working on that some time. And you know? The manuscript I completed five years ago has some cool points to it as well as intense thriller scenes. All I have to do is rewrite the whole thing and there's something there.One thing I have noticed...Read More

Best and Worst Movies Remake Blogfest

My blogging routine is still completely out of wack (by about two years thanks to my gorgeous but exhausting 2-year-old boy), so I'm easing back in with one of my favorite activities--blogfests!Best and Worst Movie Remakes is something I could rant about for hours (thanks Alex J Cavanaugh Stephen Tremp, Livia Peterson, and Al Diaz for feeding my addiction), but I'll be brief:Best Movie Remake:Fright Night - I loved the original 1985 version when I was a kid (who can forget Jerry Dandritch eating that apple) but the 2011 version was *gasp* better. I credit David Tennant (my favorite Doctor and my favorite vampire hunter) for that.Worst Movie Remake:Total RecallSure Schwarzenegger's Total Recall was campy, but it had MARS people. I love Mars, and if we didn't have such a crummy space program I would so be there as the...Read More


Two posts in as many days? Unheard of! But I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had while researching agents to query--yes 'wonderful' and 'query' in the same sentence (I've moved on from feeling queasy about it, so it's a good thing). In my research, I ran across Russell Galen (of Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency) and learned the first book he'd ever sold as an agent was The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This was the book of my childhood.It's been nearly 20 years since last I read it, but I still have two copies on my bookshelf--the original tattered and worn paperback, a gift from my 6th grade teacher, which I read eight times in a row, and a barely touched hardback I keep around in case the other one...Read More