New Year & new distributor

Happy New Year! I have been BAD and not finished Eva Thorne Book 4. So sorry. That’s because it’s summer here in Australia, and I’ve been going to the beach, having BBQs in the backyard…and I bought a hammock. Enough said.

But it won’t be much longer. Hang in there!

Sadly, Pronoun Publishing, which had been distributing my books, has closed down. I’m now going through a different distributor, so there will be some turmoil as my current books reappear on Amazon and other outlets. Once again, please hang in there. Google Play is a whole other issue I’m dealing with, but I’m hoping Book 4 will be available there as well. Fingers crossed.

If you know a friend who’s interested in getting “A Thorne in Time” free, let them know all formats are still available through my newsletter signup or through Instafreebie and Bookfunnel.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope yours is turning out to be as much fun as mine is!

xx Lorel Clayton

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