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Were people smarter in 1941? What I learned re-watching Sullivan’s Travels

Sullivan's Travels (1941) is a must for classic movie buffs like me. I was re-watching it the other day to see Veronica Lake, an early inspiration for my soon-to-be-published mystery heroine, Eva Thorne. I realized they're not the same at all, but that's fine. Veronica and this movie were fantastic to see again, andĀ from the start I began to wonder if people weren't smarter in 1941? A few items of note: People were more patient, of course, as there was the long intro credits to sit through and I found myself fidgeting there There was dialog! I've written a few screenplays and have read all the advice on paring down dialog to the bare minimum and letting pictures tell the story. Sullivan's Travels had a whole silent montage scene that did just that,...Read More