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Thanks so much to JeriWB for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award! I always need a kick in the butt to write a blog post, so here goes. I’ll tell you ten interesting facts about myself and then pass this on to 10 interesting bloggers.

#1 – I live in Sydney Australia! Ok, that’s not very interesting to other people who live in Sydney, but I came here from America almost 18 years ago so I’m a long way from home. Here’s a picture of me with the city in the background from when I walk/jogged in the 14 km “City to Surf” years ago. As I stopped for a photo, you can tell I wasn’t trying to make good time.



#2 – My marketing job can sometimes be fun. Just last week I was filming a commercial for the charity where I work, and we had the most realistic fake baby for a birth scene. The below pic is of real midwives checking out the doll. They loved it!



#3 – I’m actually a mad scientist…muh ha ha! Well, not mad I hope, but my training is in science. I have a PhD and did cancer research for about 15 years, before my son was born and I decided to switch to a more stable job. It’s tough being a scientist when government grant funding is so uncertain. Below is a ‘mad cook’ photo my husband mocked up in Photoshop. Cooking and science can be quite similar at times.

lorel mad cooking1sepia


#4 – I was at the dentist during the dust storm. Several years ago we had a massive dust storm sweep through Sydney carrying red dirt from the outback. It looked like the end of the world! Of course now I know how I’ll take the end of the world: I’ll just keep going as normal. I didn’t even miss my dental appointment.



#5 –  Halloween is my favorite holiday! I would convert all of Australia to the practice if I could. A few people celebrate, so you can find costumes, pumpkins and candy, but trick or treating locations are hard to come by and organized by willing neighborhoods. Because the seasons are reversed in Australia, it’s always so hot here, but I still carve my pumpkin, get dressed up and do something whenever I can. I really miss the chilly autumn Halloweens in Idaho when I was a child. Those were the best.



#6 –  I love animals. I was studying to be a vet before I switched my major in college. I’ve done wildlife rehabilitation, helping wounded wild animals like deer and hawks, and I love pets. I have a sweet ginger female named Pumpkin, who likes to sleep on my head and, strangely enough, likes to eat pumpkin.



#7 – I get horribly seasick. Even standing on a dock I get queasy. I get queasy when I walk in one of those long underwater tubes at the aquarium. The one day I went out on a commercial  salmon fishing boat with my husband and his father in Oregon, I ended up in a near-coma. I remember vomiting, laying on the deck to rest, and then I passed out with my eyes wide open. My husband had to pinch me awake as we were pulling back into the bay.



#8 – I’m a fan of Darth Vader (original movies). Of course I root for Han and Luke, but Darth Vader is the best villain ever!

darth lorel small


#9 – I studied ancient Greek at university. One semester anyway. I dreamed of being a classical archaeologist like Indiana Jones I think. I did find it helpful when I traveled to Greece, as I was able to find the bus station!




#10 – I have the two most gorgeous boys in the world: my husband and my son. They mean more to me than anything. Aren’t they just the sweetest?



That’s a peek at me!

Now, I’m passing this award on to:

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Wow that took a while! I better spend some time writing now…


Thanks for reading! More posts on books, film, and writing can be found on my website at Lorel Clayton Author.

2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger

  1. Thanks for accepting the Versatile Blogging Award and passing it on to some fellow bloggers. I’ve only been on one cruise, but that’s when I found out I too get horribly seasick. It was kind of funny because I was convinced I must be getting the flu or maybe had eaten something that didn’t agree with my stomach before it finally dawned on me. I finally took some pills, but didn’t get my sea legs until about two days later. Makes me wonder if I’ll be up for a cruise in the future…

  2. It would be tough to find out you were seasick only after getting on the cruise! A friend of mine knew she got sick, but thought a big cruise ship wouldn’t be as bad. She was very wrong and spent the whole cruise in her cabin. Poor thing.

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