Why I don’t write what I know


I just had my first radio interview, and although I spend 4 sleepless hours a night writing my novels because it’s the only time I have for that passion, I didn’t dream once of pitching my book during the interview. I’d say it’s because I like to keep my work and personal life separate, but the interview got a bit personal talking about my son, who has autism, and about the reasons I gave up science (another passion of mine) for marketing, which isn’t a passion so much as a necessary evil for the greater good.

If you’re interested, you can hear the interview here Kinderling Radio.

So why didn’t I slip in that I’m also an Author?

Why don’t I  give away bookmarks at the grocery store and read my book obviously in public to drum up conversation?

If you listen to some very sensible and successful authors I should be doing all that (my husband tells me I should as well), but I have a Complex.

Likewise, my life is full of interesting things that other people might want to read about: life as a scientist, running marketing for a national brand, balancing a full time career with being a mum, dealing with autism… I could write about a lot of things that might even be easier for me to market in a book. I should write what I know, if, once again, you listen to some sensible people. But, as mentioned, I have this Complex.

Writing is my escape from the troubles of the world. It’s something my husband and I have together when we’re often so busy we hardly see each other. It’s a place where my world doesn’t exist, and I, like my readers, can explore a new world full of magic and fun characters. I can deal with Eva’s problems, and I can pile them on her because I know what that feels like, but I have confidence she’ll figure something out. When she does, it makes me feel confident about sorting my own problems out. After all, I don’t have the God of Death after me, so how bad can it be?

So writing and my books (Eva Book 2 is nearly done by the way – I’m at 84,000 words out of 90,000 planned!) are my little corner of the universe that I can control. It’s hard to give up that control and turn it over to the rest of the world for discussion–and rejection. I really loved promoting my first book, doing blog interviews and hearing great reviews from those who read it. I love sharing it, but at the same time this Complex keeps me from integrating Authordom into my everyday life.

I need to get over it and get my books out there to be seen, so please be kind when I do. Just don’t expect me to write what I know, because… Well, where’s the fun it that?


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